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PTG Foundation partner with Josephs & Associates Foundation to support Esperanca Football Academy

On 14th August 2021 a total of $30,000 was raised during a collective effort to support the ’Esperanca Football Acadmey‘ in Angoche, Mozambique. With a set total going towards the launch of a new and sustainable free programme of ‘Street Football‘ to launch in the eastside of Christchurch late September 2021.

The mission waste achieve a programme that shows the same support of ‘Hope’ that the Joseph & Assopiates Foundation provide to the loving people of Angoche through the impact of the Football Academy establishment.

To help drive the two initiates, the Profile Training Group Foundation partnered to provide extra support in the two missions and grow awareness that in value of ”hope’ being provided to anyone and anywho In our community through the means of local engagement in sport.

Read More on the Esperanca Football Academy Facebook Page and the night below,

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