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In 2018 we recognised that there wasn't a solid foundation for community football in Christchurch, New Zealand. Better yet there wasnt access to proper coaches in the community, leaving the majority of community sports to volunteers. We began providing one on one coaching to players in Christchurch and soon recognised that this type of sports service wasn't being offered and that there was a clear want and need in the community to offer sports across the board

In 2019 we began to develop our key areas where we believed we could add value to community sports and where sports coaching was volunteer heavy. These were preschools, schools & colleges, clubs and community organisations. We began delivering programs and sessions in all of these areas in 2019 & 2020. 

In 2020 we grew and provided multiple services to preschools, schools & colleges, clubs and community organisations at a community level. It was here where we developed our goal. 

"To make community sports accessible and available for everyone"

Now in 2021, we work with over 50+ preschools, schools, colleges, clubs and community organisations in the Canterbury region to deliver services like mini kickers, football and futsal programs, NCEA futsal programs and head coaching roles for teams. This has seen significant growth in 2022 where we have retained working with all of our organisations and are now delivering community football to ages 3 all the way to ages 25+ 

We plan to align ourselves in the community and deliver community sports that is provided by a non-volunteer and specialist coach, that is consistent and easily accessible to everyone in the community. This is why in 2021 we created the Profile Training Group Foundation. Which is set up to provide free/funded community sports - allowing us to deliver in even more communities than before.


With the above goal in mind we plan to continue this growth in football and the community in Christchurch, with plans to extend to further regions in 2022 & 2023. Thus, allowing us to provide community sports to more and more communities.  

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